Muintir Bhaire Community Council
Archives 2002



Volume 2. Issue 7. February 2002.


Council Elections.

The Late Jack Tobin.

Snakes Lane Road Improvements.

Youth Grant.

Community Alert Association.

And More.


This month sees the three year term of the present Council come to an end. The nomination and election process for the new Council is now in progress. Nomination papers have been delivered and collected to each household in the area. Once these have been counted, the voting papers will be distributed. Full details on how to fill out the forms will be included on all occasions. At the time of the first election over ninety per cent of those registered to vote, did so. It is hoped that the same high percentage will do so, this time round. The rules of the Council mean that seven members of the present Council will be returned without election. This means that your "Constituency" may have one member less to vote for.In every case this will be clearly stated on nomination and voting papers. The seven members that were selected to be returned to the next Council are; Tadg Hegarty, Michael Nash, Marian O’Brien, Kieran O’Donovan, Eileen O’Mahony, Elaine Spillane and Bob Walsh.If you are in any doubt about the nomination or voting process ask the persons who delivered your nomination and voting papers to you.

The late Jack Tobin.

The unexpected death of Council member Jack Tobin in November last, caste a gloom over the entire Peninsula. Jack was a huge asset to the Community Council and never missed a meeting. He was always ready to volunteer to do a task , however unpleasant it might be, and his contributions to discussions were always well thought out. He was the official rep. from the Ahakista festival to the Council and at the last meeting he attended, before his untimely death he presented to the Council a large cheque from that body. His pride in doing so was evident to all attending the meeting. Jack had a great belief in the Community Council and thought that it would go from strength to strength as the results of it’s endevours became evident. Jack was also a member of the Council’s Bus sub-committee. At a specially convened meeting on Tuesday 20th November 2001, a vote of Sympathy was passed unanimously to Bernie, Niall, Aileen, John and Pat. All present stood for a period of silence as a mark of respect to Jack.

May he rest in peace.

Snakes Lane Road Improvemnts.

The work on this road is now almost completed. The Community Council would like to thank the road sub-Committee for their hard work in getting this project underway, Richie Tobin, Timmy O’Donovan and all the crew from the County Council, Ahakista Plant Hire for the excellent work carried out, and those who contributed generously towards the funding of the works and anyone else who helped in any way during the re-development works. When completed, we are sure that you will agree, that this is indeed a great improvement to what was a very dangerous stretch of road.

Youth Grant.

Due to the efforts of Munitir Bhaire community council Limited and B.I.D.G, a successful outcome was acheived, when a grant of £1,000 (1,269.74 Euro) was awarded to the youth group of the area. This money can be used for the purchase of indoor sports equipment, some of which has been already aquired. We wish the youth of the area, many hours of enjoyment with the new equipment.

Community Alert.

As you may be aware, the Community alert association is now part of the Community Council. This sub-committee has informed us that security lighting for the elderly, is now been installed by Deane & Young Electricians, for all those who applied for such lighting.

Glanlough Notice Board.

We would like to thank the volunteers who installed the steps at the notice board in Glanlough, these now make access to the notice board much easier. Remember that if you have a business or product etc., that you wish to advertise. You can do so at any of the three notice boards in the area.


As this is the last newsletter of the current council, we hope that you found the newsletter of benefit to you, since its introduction in October 1999. We hope that it helped to keep you up to-date, with the happenings of your community council. I would like to thank those who contributed to the newsletter, and in paticular Bob Walsh, who helped in so many ways with its production over the past three years. We wish the incoming council continued success for the next three years.