Muintir Bhaire Community Council

Members of Muintir Bhaire Community Council


Members are elected every three years by all the people of the community over eighteen years of age.

Officials are elected from within the members and by the members. They are elected every year and may hold office for three years, after which they must step down from that post.

Our Members / Officers as of June 2014 are:

Sheila Ellis (chairperson)

Aidan Levis

Patrick O’Brien

Victor Daly

Steve Marquart

Liam Gilligan

Annette Nicholas

Patrick O’Donovan

David Harrington

Tommy O’Donovan

Gerard O’Mahony

Finn O’Mahony.



Our Members / Officers as of 8th July 2012 are:

Adain Levis
Andrew O'Sullivan
Anne O'Donovan
Brendan O'Mahony
Eilleen O'Mahony
Finn O'Mahony
Garrett O'Mahony
Kieran Connolly
Michael O'Regan
Michelle O'Brien
Patrick O'Donovan
Patrick O'Brien
Richard Tobin
Rose O'Donovan
Steve Marquart

Our community elected Members / Officers as of March 2011 were:

Chairperson Patrick O'Donovan
Vice-Chairperson Michelle O’Brien
Secretary Síle O’Leary
Assist. Secretary Annette Logan
Treasurer Steve Marquart
Assistant Treasurer Michael O’Regan
PRO Rose O’Donovan

Kierán Connolly

Tony Cooper

Eugene Daly

Roger Goss

Aidan Levis

Dearbhla O’Donovan

Brendan O’Mahony

Gareth O’Mahony

Andrew O’Sullivan

Richard Tobin

Peter McDonald

Patrick O’Brien

The following members from the out-going Community Council were co-opted back on for continuity:

Anne O’Donovan & Eileen O’Mahony